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Family Photography



Hi, I'm Steve May, a Cheshire Wedding Photographer, and this is my second post on my blog.

Outside of wedding photography, photographing my family and those of my friends has occupied a lot of my spare time, when you have a four year old daughter it is very hard to put the camera down.

In the coming weeks I will be adding another gallery to my Portfolio as I advertise family photography on a professional basis.

With wedding photography, or photography in general, I am a great fan of using available light. I own a raft of lighting equipment, but wherever I have the choice, I’ll use available light.

The picture above was photographed in a small lounge, no complicated lighting set up, just the light from the window which was facing the mother and daughter. I could have used a softbox, but they don’t make them as big as this window. The window provided beautiful, soft, wrap around light and gave a lovely natural catch light in the eyes.






The direction of the light was important to me in this photograph. The background too is important, but this could have been a neutral coloured wall or a lastolite collapsible background, anything neutral.



I am a Cheshire Wedding Photographer, for any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via the details on the Contacts page.

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