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Steve May Photography - Tuition – ½ day course £50


As you are looking at this page I assume you are getting married and have a fantastic honeymoon in some exotic location to look forward to. This once in a lifetime holiday will offer you some stunning photographs full of the joy and happiness of the occasion.

Maybe you have bought yourselves a new camera to help record those magical moments. I find a lot of people are unsure about how to use their cameras. How many times have you looked at the photograph a week later, felt some disappointment and thought it looked better than that at the time?

If that is the case I can help. As a teacher with 20 years experience, and an award winning photographer with the Royal Photographic Society, in the 2 – 3 hours we are together I can help you to understand how your camera works, and then learn how to use the light and compose to take beautiful photographs. My course can be custom built to suit your own needs/ interests. Choose any 2 of the following modules: people; landscape; wildlife or post production; or spend the entire session on one module only.

Buy my course as a gift for yourself or your partner and look forward to taking beautiful photographs on that once in a lifetime holiday.

I hope you enjoy the slideshow, I have made the photographs fairly diverse as people take photographs of a variety subjects. For more ‘people’ orientated photographs please see my Portfolio or Blog.

My course is open to anybody, regardless of whether I am photographing your wedding and is held in a local park in Cheshire.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via my ‘Contact’ page if you are interested.