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Window Light Revisited

Hi, I'm Steve May, a Cheshire Wedding Photographer, and this is the 5th post on my blog.

I am revisiting the topic of window light for this blog post, one of the most beautiful sources of light and one which can be used to create a light soft feel or a darker more moody feel, as in Rembrandt’s paintings perhaps.
This is a venue I visit quite often with my family as well as photographing weddings. The venue is in Cheshire. Whilst here socially I can’t help but watch other wedding photographers, and I’ve yet to see one use this particular location – which is very close to the main area for weddings. It’s a large greenhouse actually with a feel of some large French window, to me at least.

I took several photographs in the 10 minutes I was at this location and here are my 2 favourites, one a three quarter length shot, and the other a close up. My personal preference was for the three quarter length shot. See the 2 pictures below.






My initial desire was to retain as much detail in the picture as possible (I always shoot in Raw format) and I could then manipulate this as I so chose. I did push the exposure as far to the right of the histogram as possible intentionally (see the histogram in the screen capture below) as I knew I wanted a bright and airy final result after post production. This is more representative of how wedding couples choose it to be. I dialled in +1 stop of compensation to accommodate the bright background – 200th sec at f4.5 ISO 400.






When photographing with jpegs the camera chooses the colour, saturation, contrast and sharpness according to pre-set algorithms, this is not the case with Raw files and it needs to be finessed manually. Very little needed doing to be honest, I raised the exposure by a stop to give a bright airy feel and increased the colour temperature to make the picture warmer. I didn’t really want to retain any detail beyond the windows as I wanted to focus on Lou. Other than some selective sharpening, there was nothing done in Photoshop. I could have increased the saturation to put some more colour in, but that wasn’t the look I wanted – personal taste. See the final image below.








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